Интересное Do health warnings on cigarette packages work?

Do health warnings on cigarette packages work?

The appearance of health warnings on cigarettes packs did not have a significant effect on the behavior of smokers - most of them smoke as before.

Do health warnings on cigarette packages work?

Some say yes they help smoking less, some say no, they have no effect, it depends on the country and from smokers.

In 2011, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) published a final rule stating that health warnings in the form of images must be present on all cigarette packets to deter smokers. Have been spent a lot of effort and money on this project, but according to statistics it had no such effect as expected scientists from the beginning.

For example in England some surveys argue that health warnings 'deters more than a third of teenagers from smoking'. Half of teens in the country said that cigarette packaging stopped them from smoking, the global survey revealed. About 10% of teenagers in the UK assume that certain cigarette brands are healthier than others.

Other studies showed that this warnings have little impact on teen smokers. According to studies conducted in 2008-2011 by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), between 11-16 years old teens, proven that 90% of teens ignore health warnings.

In the CIS countries 80% of smokers said that the appearance of the inscriptions of the harmful effects of smoking on health, such as "Smoking kills", "Smoking - the cause of lung cancer," does not change their attitude to cigarettes and tobacco, and did not affect the number of cigarettes smoked.

The most popular answer was: "The inscription spoils the appearance of the package, but does not change the content"; "None of my friends didn't smoke less. If I will want to quit smoking, then I will quit without any inscriptions."

As it turned out, some respondents to not to spoil their mood from such inscriptions and pictures, stick them with adhesive tape or stickers "I stick these terrible warnings, because seeing them all the time, not long to fall into a depression." Among those who ignore health warnings on cigarettes packages are most people 35 to 44 years old (83%).

However, only 13% of respondents said that this inscriptions forced them to reduce the number of smoked cigarettes.

Interestingly, that to 1% of smokers health warnings caused a backlash - they began to smoke even more: "It was interesting to read the inscriptions on these packs"; "This kind of writings pisses me off, and I smoke even more."


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